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Mehoopany Wind Farm OHL Transmission Line

The name of this project was Mehoopany Wind Farm OHL Transmission Line.  The client was BP Wind Energy.  The project was located in Mehoopany, PA.  The project consisted of building approximately 25 miles of 115kV transmission line with distribution underbuild.  Due to the rugged, rocky terrain there were many obstacles to overcome including the 3,400 ft. canyon crossing depicted in the picture. 
A specially engineered “wire cart” was designed and built for SEC to safely move men and materials to the midpoint of the 3,400-canyon crossing that was approximately 600’ above the ground to install dampening rods to keep the conductors from contacting each other during ice loading and wind loading.  Our own Roy Rogers, currently SEC Field Operations Manager, was one of the employees on the wire cart.  The employees underwent specialized mountain repelling training to provide for an emergency exit plan.  A second cart was also built just in case emergency personnel were needed to go to the employees.