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Martinez Selected as Power Player for January

Southern Electric Corporation has named Ricardo Martinez, of Pompano Beach, Florida, as its Power Player for the first month of 2024. A Power Player is someone with integrity and high moral standards, possessing strong leadership qualities, a track record of safe production, and dedication to our company and industry, who is hard-working and represents SEC well in everything that they do, allowing SEC to Power Forward.

Martinez, a project manager in South Florida, has been with SEC for two and a half years. Originally from Venezuela, he moved to the United States 11 years ago after earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Once in the States, Martinez decided to go back to school and earned a second degree in Electrical Engineering from FAU. “My father used to be on oxygen 24/7, so having power was literally a matter of life or death for him. Realizing how important power is for the community made me want to go from the design side to the construction side to be able to make a difference,” says Martinez. “Linemen save lives. They did so for my father when the hurricane hit and we had no power. So it was an honor to join this side of the industry once I got the offer from SEC.”

“Ricardo manages a workforce that brings many challenges to the table, such as language barrier, cultural dynamics, and a demanding customer,” says Geoffrey Rogers, Superintendent for SEC’s Florida operations. “He has implemented innovative tactics to push productivity metrics to the crew leaders so they understand their production from a profitability perspective. Ricardo also has a very healthy level of self-awareness and a drive for excellence that serve both him and SEC well.”

Martinez says the best part of his job is storm work. “Specifically after power is restored and people come out to thank us,” he adds. “At that moment you realize how much of an impact you are making.” The worst part, he says, is dealing with budget cuts from the customer. “Letting good people go is by far the worst part of my job,” says Martinez.

While not married, Martinez has a tight-knit extended family he loves spending time with. He also enjoys mountain biking and rock climbing when he has some time off.